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Our Story

Despite the recent events, that have compromised us all, Old Rishworthian RUFC are committed to carrying on and developing the heritage afforded us by past members of the Club.

We are very fortunate to have an extremely successful junior section and want to ensure they have a great future at the Club as well as our senior teams.

The Club is once again at a crossroads as the existing changing room facilities are not fit for purpose.

This was not helped when the Club had to close and things deteriorated even more

We are all part of a great rugby family at Old Rishworthian RUFC and our members, players, volunteers and supporters are the heart and soul of the Club with a true love and passion for Old Rish. Some giving hours, even days of their own time for the sheer love of the Club. 

Some of our members/players have put a lot of effort into preserving the current changing rooms to ensure they last for one more season but that is where it ends, unless you can help.

Although the cabins have been extremely useful, when we were in need, they are temporary buildings and we desperately need to replace them with permanent changing rooms as part of our development.

This will enhance the surrounding area and will no longer be an eyesore for the community.

We also, due to the increased success of our clubhouse facilities and increased members and families, urgently need extra space and improved ventilation with a separate lounge for members and players to enable the main function room to be used more by the community for private functions or indeed big enough for all us all to share future events, members and community alike as part of the development.

Below is an idea of of our end goal that we will try to achieve through various ways.

We have recently launched an appeal to raise a total of £400,000 altogether through the following strategy:-

  • Major Donors
  • Grants, development funds, foundations, trusts
  • Public fundraising

If we are successful it will mean providing a better future for all our players and a more functional place for everyone, members, players, and the community.

We have players in the senior teams now who have come all the way through from our very successful junior section and we hope this can happen again but this time with a clubhouse that will still be fit for purpose for numerous future years.  

We have senior players that now have young children of their own who play rugby and we need a clubhouse that will be around for their future and their children.

We have grandparents who are signing up their grandchildren who need a clubhouse fit for the future. 

In August 2021 we invited the whole community and all members and their families to a fantastic fun day where we informed them all of Project Game Changer that will benefit everyone.

This will be the largest project undertaken by the Club since it was built in 1966; some 55 years ago.

The timeframe is to raise the funds in 12 months; start on site November 2022 and open early 2024.  

Every penny counts, every pound adds up. Please donate whatever you can.

The future?  Will this happen?

Well that is down to every member of this club to get involved, donate, fundraise and spread the word.

If anyone would like to donate to Project Gamechanger please contact Richard Porter


We also have a Crowdfunder where you can donate and see further information


Or email ORRUFCprojectgamechanger @outlook.com

Newsletter for February


Newsletter for April


Newsletter for June


Appeal Leaflet

We’ll be using the Appeal Leaflet to seek support for our urgent fund-raising in more direct and personal communications such as email and even good old leafleting and letters.  You are very welcome to use the download formats for your own personal networks.  There will soon be A4 copies on dispense in the Club House, but if you require a larger quantity, for example to support fundraising activity with your team group then just email your requirements to ORRUFCprojectgamechanger@outlook.com 

The Game Changer Team